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Cossatot River High School
Cossatot River High School
1 day ago

Cossatot River High School Yearbook Announcements! We are so happy to announce that the 2019-2020 yearbooks were finally delivered this week and are being distributed to all who purchased them. Current students will receive their orders the week of 1/19/21, and all others will be contacted by phone or email. ORDER YOUR 2020-2021 YEARBOOKS NOW! The CRHS Yearbook Staff is putting together an amazing yearbook for this school year that we know everyone will enjoy! Pick up an order form at school in room 410, in the office, or print one off using the link below. Orders will be accepted through Friday, February 26, 2021. 2021 Yearbook Order Form Link: Did you miss a yearbook? We have a limited supply of past years' yearbooks that are available for purchase! Please click the link below to order yours! Available only while supplies last! Proceeds benefit CRHS Yearbook. Prior Year Order Form Link: If you have any questions, please email

Cossatot River High School
Cossatot River High School
2 days ago

Great things are happening in the CRHS Family &Consumer Science Department! “The Cossatot River FACS department has received a grant in the amount of $76,865.60 to implement a new Nutrition and Dietetics program. I am so thankful and excited that my students are going to get the resources they need in order to learn about and how to prepare good nutritious food and about a healthy lifestyle. When the consolidation happened in 2013 the FACS departments from Wickes and Cove were combined and we simply brought what we had for the most part. It has been a long time coming for the department to finally be equipped with updated equipment and supplies. Stacey Southerland from the DeQueen/Mena Ed. COOP played a huge roll and put in a lot of work to help us get this grant and I am so thankful for her. I would also like to thank those who agreed to be community partners for the program: Henderson State University Dietetics Department, University of Central Arkansas Dietetics Department, Polk County Cooperative Extension, Misti Haggard Strasner, and Ouachita Nutrition.” Sydney Jackson, Family & Consumer Science Instructor, Cossatot River High School Click here to read the announcement by the DeQueen Mena Educational Co-Op:

Mickey Ford
Mickey Ford
4 days ago

Cossatot River vs. Danville 1/12/2021

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